Hearing Aid Accessories & Assistive Listening Devices in North York

It’s impossible to make a single hearing aid that can help everyone in every possible situation, but that is why there are so many hearing aid accessories and assistive listening devices available.

The accessories allow you to enhance or add specific features most helpful to you. Whether it’s your hearing aid batteries, a cleaning kit with all the supplies you need to maintain your hearing aids, or a special device to amplify specific sounds, we have every type of accessory you could want for your hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing aid accessories are designed to enhance the features of your hearing aids and make your hearing experience better, whether you are looking at devices to stream audio directly to your hearing aids, remote controls, or devices to help maintain your hearing aids.

TV Streaming

Whether you want to get up to date with the latest news or relax and watch a movie, there are TV streaming devices available that allow you to stream the TV audio directly to your hearing aids. You can control the volume by a hearing aid remote or through an app on your smartphone. With many of the smartphone apps you can also balance TV volume with ambient sounds or conversation in the room.

Phone Streaming

You can stream your cell phone or landline to your hearing aids depending on what accessories are compatible with your hearing aids or if your hearing aids have Bluetooth technology. They connect to your phone, which then amplifies and sends the sound directly to your hearing aids. It makes taking phone calls much easier for people that have hearing aids and makes the direct sound much clearer.

Cleaning Kits

Regular cleaning and maintenance is important as it keeps your hearing aids performing at their best. Cleaning kits often contain common cleaning tools such as brushes, wipes, a wax removal pick or other tools.

Our team will go over regular maintenance for your hearing aids with you when you purchase the device.

Hearing Aid Dryer

Hearing aid dryers let you dry and sanitize your hearing aids to keep them performing at their best. Some dryers also have the ability to recharge your hearing aids.

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Remote Controls

Control your hearing aids features and volumes with a remote control. They can come in a variety of sizes, some small enough to attach to your keychain so you always have them with you. Most new hearing aids can also use remote apps on your smartphone to act as a remote.

Phone Apps

Most hearing aid manufacturers now offer apps that pair with your hearing through Bluetooth or other technology. The apps let you access more features through your smartphone and customize your settings even further based on different environments you are in, and the apps are free for you to use.

Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing aids are becoming smaller and more powerful, whether the hearing aids run on standard or rechargeable batteries. Some of the advantages of rechargeable hearing aids is they don’t need have their batteries changed and they can charge overnight.

If you have standard batteries for your hearing aids, they will come in various sizes based on your model of hearing aids. Our team will be able to help you buy the size your hearing aids require. Depending on the size of your hearing aid batteries can last on average for 3 to 22 days.

Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive listening devices are designed to amplify sound into your ear whether you currently wear hearing aids or not. Each device can help in certain situations, such as those with loud background noise or when listening to speeches where the speaker is farther away.

Hearing Amplification Devices

Hearing amplification devices amplify sound for people who are hard of hearing. They work similar to hearing aids in that sense, but can be used by people who have very mild hearing loss, don’t want hearing aids, or don’t want to wear their hearing aids in certain situations.

FM Systems

This system helps you hear sound in situations that have a lot of background noise like restaurants or malls. FM listening systems look similar to a regular hearing amplification devices, but help with your hearing in different environments. The FM Systems works for both people who wear hearing aids as well as people who don’t wear hearing aids.

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