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Looking to get a hearing aid? There are a lot of factors to consider when picking out a hearing aid, but our clinicians are here to help you with that process. This is some basic information on hearing aid styles, accessories, maintenance and more to help you outside of being in clinic.

Types of Hearing Aids

There are many types of hearing aids available, each with their own design and can work better with different levels of hearing loss. Click here for a full summary of each style of hearing aids and some information on the different technology that can be in hearing aids.

  • Behind the Ear (BTE)
  • Receiver in Canal (RIC)
  • In the Ear (ITE)
  • In the Canal (ITC)
  • Completely in Canal (CIC)
  • Invisible in Canal (IIC)

Based on the results of your hearing test our team will help you find the best hearing aids for your lifestyle and level of hearing loss.

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Hearing Aid Manufacturers

There are different brands and manufacturers of hearing aids that you can choose from. Each of them will offer hearing aids in the same styles mentioned above, but with their own quality and hearing aid models.

We are able to prescribe and sell hearing aids from any of the major manufacturers in Canada, including Widex, Signia, Octicon, Starkey hearing aids and more.

Widex Hearing Aids

Widex is a manufacturer dedicated to innovating hearing aid technology to fit people’s lifestyles. They were the first brand to release a hearing aid that learns your preferences and automatically updates your settings as you move between different environments. The range of Widex hearing aid models includes:


  • Widex Evoke
  • Widex Beyond
  • Widex Unique
  • Widex Custom

Want to know more about Widex hearing aids? You can try them out in our free one week test drive, or book a free hearing aid consultation appointment with our clinicians.

Signia Hearing Aids

Signia, formerly known as Siemens, is known as a hearing aid brand with some of the most technologically advanced hearing aids on the market. They focus a lot on rechargeability for people who travel and have an active lifestyle, and on Bluetooth connectivity features so you can connect with your devices. Here is a list of Signia models:

  • Signia Styletto & Styletto Connect
  • Signia Pure Charge & Go Nx
  • Signia Silk Nx
  • Signia CROS Nx

You can call or contact us at any time if you want to know more about Signia hearing aid products and if they are right for you.

Hearing Aid Accessories, Batteries & Assistant Listening Devices

Hearing aids can be life changing devices as they can let you hear sounds that you maybe haven’t heard in a long time, but some accessories can help enhance your hearing aids to make certain situations even better. Whether you are looking at TV streaming devices, remote controls or accessories to help maintain your hearing aids, there is probably a device that can help you hear even better.

Check out our full guide to hearing aid accessories, batteries and assistant listening devices here.

Hearing Aid Maintenance

Regular maintenance and cleaning should be performed on your hearing aids to reduce the amount of frequent repairs needed on the hearing aids. Care instructions for your hearing aids will be given to you when you receive the devices and the clinician will go over the information with you.

If you have any questions in regards to maintenance or cleaning for your hearing aids, feel free to contact our clinic.

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